South Side Cemetery

Sewall-Samuel Esq

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  • Last Name: Sewall
  • Given Name: Samuel Esq
  • Birth:
  • Death: 4/28/1769
  • Inscriptions:In memory of Samuel Sewall, Esq (four generations in a lineal descent from Henry Sewall Esq some time Mayor of Coventry in Old England, whose Grandfather Henry first came to New England, 1634. For penetration, sound judgement, and wisdom remarkable; given to hospitality, the widow and fatherless he relieved, and protected; various offices, Civil, Military, and Ecclesiastical, with honor and reputation, he sustained; pious, examplary, and devout, on the 28th of April A D 1769 aged LXXXI, he died: His seven surviving Sons, with the approbation of his four Daughters, this stone erected.
  • Cemetery: South Side Cemetery

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