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Donnell-Nathaniel Esq

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  • Last Name: Donnell
  • Given Name: Nathaniel Esq
  • Birth: 11/19/1689
  • Death: 2/9/1780
  • Relationship: s. Honorable Samuel Donnell
  • Inscriptions:Nathaniel, Esq., son of the Hon. Samuel Donnell one of the Council named in the charter of William and Mary who was born Nov. 19, 1689 and died Feb. 9, 1780, aged 91. He was strictly just, universally charitable & eminently pious, Patient and cheerful in adversity, and without pride or vanity in prosperity, in high estimate of all his acquaintance in every stage of life. May his descendants imitate his virtues and perpetuate his name with honour to posterity.

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