Standing Rules

I. Church Meetings

1. There shall be an Annual Meeting of the Church for the election of officers and for other business and for a review of the year during the second full week of January, unless otherwise ordered by the Standing Committee.

At the annual meeting reports shall be made by the Clerk, respecting changes of membership and other matters of record; by the Treasurer, respecting current receipts and expenditures of the Church and the contributions of the Church and Congregation to the objects of Christian Benevolence; by the Standing Committee, respecting the affairs of the Church; and also, by the Superintendent of the Sabbath School, the President of the Christian Endeavor Society, the President of the King's Daughters, the President of the Woman's Missionary Club, and the heads of any organizations allied with the Church respecting the work of their several organizations.

The Deacons and the Treasurer shall at this time make a report to the Church of all funds in their hands, the amount, and where and how invested, and how the income thereof has been disbursed.

2. A special meeting may be called at any time by the Pastor, or the Standing Committee, or at the request of five members of the Church, by giving notice of the same upon the previous Sabbath.

3. Vacancies in any of the offices may be filled by an election at any regular business meeting, notice of such intention having been given from the pulpit on the Sabbath preceding said meeting. Action concerning the granting and accepting of letters of dismission and recommendation and the appointment of delegates or special committees may be taken at a meeting in connection with any regular service of the Church, without previous notice.

4. All members of the Church who have reached the age of eighteen are entitled to vote at the Business Meetings.

5. Elections shall be determined by a majority of the members present and voting.

II. Officers

1. The officers of this Church shall be a Pastor, two Deacons, a Clerk, a Treasurer, a Standing Committee, an Auditing Committee, a Relief Committee and a Deaconess.

2. The Pastor shall be, ex-officio, Moderator of the meetings of the Church and of the Standing Committee.

3. The Deacons shall be chosen by ballot, and shall hold their office for life, unless otherwise specified at the time of election.

4. All other officers shall be chosen at the Annual Meeting, for a term of one year, in such manner as the Church shall direct.

5. It shall be the particular duty of the Deacons to assist in the adminstration of the Lords Supper; to distribute the alms of the Church to the poor; and to aid the Pastor generally in the spiritual care of the flock, as in visiting the sick and needy, and showing Christian attention to strangers.

6. It shall be the duty of the Clerk to keep a full and fair record of all the business transactions of the Church. He shall also keep a list of members, with the time of their admission, dismission, death, or other termination of membership; also a list of the children presented in Baptism, recording the name of the child and of its parents and the date of its birth and baptism.

7. The Treasurer shall receive all moneys collected and shall disburse them for their respective purposes; and at the Annual Meeting shall render a written account of receipts and expenditures, which shall be recorded in a Treasurer's book.

8. The Standing Committee shall consist of the Pastor and the Deacons, together with three other members of the Church. It shall be their duty to examine candidates for admission to the Church; to act as a Committee of Inquiry and Discipline, and to bring before the Church such matters, as in their judgement, may require action of the Church.

9. The Auditing Committee shall consist of the Pastor and two other members of the Church and it shall be their duty to examine for approval the Annual Reports of the Deacons and the Treasurer and any other person or committee, entrusted with business of the Church.

10. It shall be the duty of the Relief Committee to report cases of need in the parish to the Pastor and those who have charge of the relief funds of the Church.

11. It shall be the duty of the Deaconess to provide the elements for the Communion Service and to render appropriate aid in the pastoral work of the Church.

III. Ordinances

1. The Sacrament of the Lords Supper shall be observed the first Sabbath in January, March, May, July, September and November.

2. Previous to the administration of the Lords Supper, an invitation shall be given to all disciples of Christ who love and obey their Master to commune with us in that ordinance.

3. The baptism of children shall take place at such times as are mutually convenient for pastor and parents.

IV. Membership

1. Persons desiring to unite with the Church on confession of faith shall appear before the Standing Committee and give satisfactory evidence of their Christian belief and character. Upon recommendation of the committee, they may be elected by a majority vote of those present at any regular meeting of the Church and received into membership in the manner prescribed.

2. Persons bringing letters of recommendation from other churches are constituted members by a vote of the Church.

3. Letters of dismission and recommendation to other churches are granted on request and by vote of the Church.

4. When an individual shall cease to hold the Christian faith and shall desire the termination of membership, or shall join another church without a letter of dismission and recommmendation from this Church, the name may be taken from the roll by vote of the Church.

5. If no satisfactory information is received or is obtainable concerning absent members for a period of five years, the Church may, if deemed advisable, withdraw their names from the membership roll.

V. Discipline

No complaint or information on the subject of a personal or private offence shall be admitted by the Church, unless the means of reconciliation or of privately reclaiming the offender, which are required by Christ, as recorded in Matt. 18; 15-16, have been used; and in case of a public offense, the same steps shall be taken when circumstances shall admit.

2. When a member is accused before the Church, the said memeber shall be seasonably furnished by the Clerk with a copy of the charges, and shall have a full and fair hearing.

VI. Benevolence

Benevolent contributions for the kingdom of Christ at home and abroad shall be made at stated times under the direction of the Standing Committee

VII. Amendments

Any of the foregoing Rules may be altered or amended by a two-thirds vote of the members present at the Annual Meeting, or at a Church Meeting specially called for that purpose.

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