The fact that this manual is the first to be published by this church, whose organization must have taken place somewhere from thirty to fifty years after the landing of the Pilgrims at Plymouth Rock, has led the committee to present a more extended historical account than would be found ordinarily in such a book. In the sketch of the church, the statements given are based on the original records as far back as 1749, and previous to that date, on the original records of the Rowley church under date of 1671 and 1673, and on statements of trustworthy historical works. In the sketch of the parish, the original records were available from the organization of the parish to the present day, and upon these and original town records the statements of the sketch were based, with the exception of that as to the contract of Henry Sayward, which was taken from an abstract of that document as published in Moody's History of York.

In the list of pastors the college from which each graduated is indicated by the initial letter of the college, Harvard, Yale, Dartmouth, Amherst, Brown, and Bowdoin, with the date of graduation. William J Newman was a student at Yale, but did not graduate. William W Parker and Rufus M Sawyer were not college men. Previous to 1808 there were no special schools for the training of ministers. Eber Carpenter was the first of the York pastors to enjoy the advantage of a theological seminary. He attended Andover two years, but did not graduate. The theological schools from which subsequent pastors graduated are indicated by the initial letters of the institutions, East Windsor, Andover, Bangor, Andover and Princeton, and Yale, with date of graduation.

The lists of present church and parish officers and church members are given as standing on January 1, 1915.




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